Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another new Arch user

I wasn't going to blog about it but once I saw Rob Scheepmaker's post about his change of distribution I couldn't resist myself.
I was dragged towards the FOSS world by It was the very first Open Source program I ran, later I installed firefox and was still a happy Windows user. Surfing through the Web I found an announcement about this thing called Ubuntu which used Linux, I always saw Linux as a geeky thing and as such I was very curious and wanted to use it. This one promised to be easy. I downloaded the Ubuntu CD and very excited I proceeded to install it, it was the 6.04 version, the 6.10 was still beta and I didn't want to take any chances.
I loved it, I mean it, I had a feeling of freedom I couldn't describe. Although a few days later I got a little bored of Gnome (I couldn't play much with it) and decided to give KDE a shoot. Again, I was so excited when I was writing those commands "apt-get install kde".
Needless to say I was blown away by KDE and reinstalled using Kubuntu 6.10 (if I recall correctly) and I had been a happily kubuntu user eversince... till a few months ago.
It all started when I upgraded to the beta of Kubuntu 9.04... everything began to feel slow, very slow, I was puzzled because I hadn't installed anything new, but I said "it's a beta, it's normal", so I disabled composition and seemed to help performance,although I loved KWin's new effects, I lived with that... then I started to have problems with the painting of windows, a lot of garbage was being painted on my windows, I said "What? this is an Intel system, I've never had any troubles with it" then I looked and yes, was a known problem for Intel-based video cards. And I thought "it's beta, it's normal"... and I lived with that.
Later when I fired up OpenOffice I had no spell checking!. Had to look and ask at IRC, yes the maintainer had forgotten to provide the right name for the package, a symlink and problem solved. And I thought "it's beta, it's normal"... and I lived with that.
Then What really pushed me beyond the edge was that I plugged a mouse device and it froze the system!, I was shocked. When it happened again I thought "it's time for a change".
So I started looking. I had the idea of using Arch for some time now and with the pain of first configuring it gone thanks to the Chakra project I went for it.
So far I've had some minor issues which I've been able to tackle. And besides that I have to customize it to use the packages I use I'm a very happy new user. It's fast and it's nearly vanilla KDE, so what else can you ask for? =D.

All I want to say is that I have nothing against Kubuntu and its fillosophy, it was there for me to make the switch and I'm sure it'll help others to do it. But please, can QA be taken more seriously?.


AIM said...

Fedora and Kubuntu push pre-alpha quality untested software just because they think it's cool.

Kubuntu's 6 month release cycle is really a 12-18 month release cycle, every second release is crap, ohhh wait, 6 month release cycle is cool too....

cool for them maybe, but uncool for their users, that's why I dumped Kubuntu in favor of OpenSUSE.

G2g591 said...

Welcome to Arch! Its nice to see so many fellow KDE users finding it too. I myself jumped ship from Kubuntu (way back in the 4.0.x days) and only recently (about 2-3 months ago) found Arch/Kdemod.

Danni Coy said...

you wouldn't happen to have an nvidia card in that machine per chance?

Carlos Licea said...

@AIM: well, I'll see if Arch goes better on QA.

@G2g591: thanks, so far seems really nice!.

@Danni Coy: not at all, as I said, it's an intell graphics card!.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Arch + KDEmod community is growing, it is a realy awesome distro.