Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello planet!

Hello everyone. For some unknown reason I didn't get the mail in which i was notified that my blog was syndicated to the planetkde. However I just noticed I have been added!. So here I am to introduce myself.
My name is Carlos Licea, I live in Mexico, am a student of Computing Science and I worked for marble as my GSoC, recently I joined the KOffice team helping with KPresenter. I hope I can showcase some of the development I'll be doing in both projects, although I was a little distant because of Christmas and family I'm back to hack :).


Diederik said...

Welcome at the planet!

and great to hear you're working on KPresenter. I've always loved to see this app improve, as it has so much potential. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

hi carlos. just saying hi!